Rabies Vaccine in Ubud

Rabies is a potentially fatal disease. It is transmitted mainly from animals such as dogs, monkeys, cats or bats through their saliva (from a bite or scratch). There is no direct cure for Rabies, so the most effective way to deal with it is by preventive measures. Hence the best prevention is DO NOT GET BITTEN and/or SCRATCHED!! There are other important steps as well:

  • Keep your pets regularly vaccinated
  • Keep your pet dogs/cats/monkeys or (maybe) bats well checked up
  • Do not let dogs, cats and pet monkeys loose outside your house (animal contact may increase the animal-to-animal rabies transmission)
  • Read and learn about the symptoms of animals (dogs, cats, monkeys) having rabies
  • Do not play with stray dogs, cats or monkeys
  • If you visit Ubud’s monkey sanctuary/forest, do your best to act calm and steady at all times. Do not over feed or perform sudden movements that can scare or provoke the monkeys to bite or attack you
  • Do preventive rabies and tetanus vaccination as a general protective measure and minimize risk of rabies infection

I’ve got bitten or scratched by dogs/cats/monkeys or bats, what should I do?

  • Visit first aid booth/clinic/hospital whenever you got bitten or scratched (no matter how small the wounds)
  • If no clinic available nearby, do a quick preventive action, which is cleaning the wound in running water with soap for at least 15 minutes then applying some antiseptic or iodine and alcohol on the wound.
  • After cleaning the wound, find a clinic or hospital for review by a medical doctor and further treatment (including the need for specific medicine or rabies vaccine)
  • A doctor should do a detailed evaluation regarding the severity of the wound.

There are 4 main conditions that are related with a dog or monkey bite:

  1. Wound infection by bacteria (primary or secondary)
  2. Tetanus
  3. Rabies
  4. Other animal transmitted disease, i.e. Herpes B from monkey bite
Most of those condition can show early symptoms within hours or days, therefore early preventive measures should be taken depending on the severity of the wound. Remember, DO NOT wait until it’s too late, visit your trusted doctor As Soon As Possible.