Bali Spirit Festival Committee Medical Team 2016

Ubud Health Care, the integrated healthcare provider in Ubud area, is proud to be selected as the Official Bali Spirit Festival Committee Medical Team. We provide Medical Care, Expertise, and Health Information at the Bali Spirit Festival to visitors and other communities in this region.

As an new medical provider in Ubud, we are honored to offer our medical expertise and service to more than one thousand visitors coming to Ubud and also for the local communities expected at this well-known international event. Our motto has been to treat every patient as we would want for our families and friends. We look forward to extend that commitment to all of the guests who will be present for the event.

As the official medical team, Ubud Health Care medical team will provide medical assistance to the attendees of the Bali Spirit Festival event. We are also the medical provider for almost all major events happening around Ubud, such as Ubud Writer Festival, Ubud Jazz Festival, Ubud World Music Festival, Ubud Food Festival, and many more events. Our medical team will be on site various locations at those events.

Ubud Health Care is dedicated to the health and well being of our patients, friends, and the community. It’s important for us to be trusted as the official Bali Spirit Festival committee medical team because we have many visitors coming to Bali Spirit Festival and we want to be there to take care of them. Ubud Health Care have a wealth of experience providing medical support for various events happening around Ubud. We’ll draw on all the background and experience to care for the public during the community event.

We would like to encourage people to take charge of their own health goals by participating in a series of interactive and educational activities that can be made as a part of their daily lives. (/Gin)